View the Virtual Race Results
Spirit Race Heat 1 Winner: Off The Edge
Spirit Race Heat 2 Winner: Island City Dragon Boat Club
Fundraising Winner: Mushroom Hill Gang

TeamVirtual Race Progress (in meters)Funds Raised
Mushroom Hill Gang$1311
Island City Dragon Boat Club$1224
Rogers Jolly Crew$1050
TEAM Row-tary$394
BJs Sportshop$316
Rock Your Gypsy Soul$252
Motley Crew$227
TEAMSurvivor Madison$116
Iron Dragons Boat Club$100
Band of Merry Mariners$67
Dragon Divas$61
Mississippi Sisters and Friends$55
Off The Edge$55
MBs Flying Ears$51
Should this Rash be Blue$44
Average Janes and Joes$0
Awaken Our Dragon$0
Bent Paddlers$0
Blazing Paddles$0
Blue Water Paddling$0
Chicago Blades$0
Chicago Sirens$0
Electrode Paddlers$0
Fiery Fresh$0
Flying Ears$0
Frankensteins Monster$0
Hot Sake$0
Just for the Health of it!$0
Lady Yakkers$0
MBs Angels$0
Marquette University$0
Minocqua Country Club$0
Motley Blue$0
Musky Jacks All Jacked Up$0
Musky Mountain Climbers$0
Nord 2 the Bone$0
Paddle til it Hurts$0
Paddlin for MB$0
RRG Red Dragons$0
River Valley$0
Salon Fiore$0
Scull Crushers$0
Sea Merchants$0
Serpent Slayers$0
Spirit of the Dragon$0
T Bird Pride Paddlers$0
Team Arrow$0
Tomahawk Lake Water Bugs$0
Trout Lake Property Owner Association$0
WXPR Rockers/Radio Freaks$0
Wisconsin Power Paddlers$0
Women on the Water$0