2018 Race Results


2018 Team Ranking

Placing and Times will be updated throughout the day of the race
PLACECommunity DivisionHEAT 1HEAT 2TOTAL
1Serpent Slayers 1:17.961:18.512:36.47
2BJ's Sportshop Walleyes on the Prize1:18.531:18.562:37.09
3Rock Your Gypsy Soul1:18.461:19.052:37.51
4BJ's Sportshop Water Warriors1:22.181:19.902:42.08
5Awaken our Dragon1:23.801:24.702:48.50
6Electrode Paddlers1:24.971:24.722:49.69
7Bent Paddlers1:26.341:23.652:49.99
8Spirit of the Dragon1:25.201:25.222:50.42
9Rogers Jolly Crew1:25.821:24.722:50.54
10Paddle 'til it Hurts1:26.391:27.752:54.14
11Sea Merchants1:29.271:28.102:57.37
12WXPR Radio Freaks1:34.691:29.643:04.33
13Frankenstein's Monster1:34.541:31.173:04.71
14Average Janes and Joes1:34.381:31.983:06.36
15Fiery Fresh1:35.961:31.613:07.57
16Marquette University1:40.931:35.563:16.49
17Iron Dragons1:41.301:35.513:16.81
1Paddlin for MB1:10.951:10.902:21.85
2MBs Flying Ears1:14.811:13.272:28.08
4Motley Crew1:18.581:16.962:35.54
5Blue Water Paddling1:21.451:18.912:40.36
PLACEClub Women's DivisionHEAT 1HEAT 2TOTAL
1MBs Angels1:18.715:18.002:36.47
2Island City Dragon Boat Club1:19.831:18.042:37.87
3Off The Edge1:21.821:20.802:42.62
4Chicago Sirens1:28.191:25.642:53.83
5Mississippi Sisters and Friends1:39.931:32.863:12.47

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2018 Final Results

Final Results
PLACEClub Mixed DivisionTIME
1Paddlin for MB1:10.02
2MBs Flying Ears1:13.66
4Motley Crew1:17.73
5Blue Water Paddling1:20.51
PLACEClub Women's DivisionTIME
1MBs Angels1:16.44
2Island City Dragon Boat Club1:17.06
3Off The Edge1:20.01
4Chicago Sirens1:25.20
5Mississippi Sisters and Friends1:38.38
PLACECommunity DivisionTIME
1Rock Your Gypsy Soul1:17.28
2BJ's Sportshop Walleyes on the Prize1:18.16
3Serpent Slayers 1:18.26
4BJ's Sportshop Water Warriors1:19.06
5Spirit of the Dragon1:21.80
6Electrode Paddlers1:22.05
7Awaken our Dragon1:22.10
8Bent Paddlers1:22.60
9Rogers Jolly Crew1:23.23
10Paddle 'til it Hurts1:24.03
11WXPR Radio Freaks1:28.82
12Sea Merchants1:29.69
1Paddlin for MB10:06.73
2MBs Flying Ears10:30.19
4Motley Crew11:03.99
5Island City Dragon Boat Club11:04.77
6Off The Edge11:10.44

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2018 Heat Results

RACE 1LNCommunity Mixed Qualifying Heat 1PLCTIME
9:00 AM1Iron Dragons31:41.30
2Fiery Fresh21:35.96
3Frankenstein's Monster11:34.54
RACE 2LNCommunity Mixed Qualifying Heat 1PLCTIME
9:12 AM1Spirit of the Dragon11:25.20
2Marquette University41:40.93
3WXPR Radio Freaks31:34.69
4Paddle 'til it Hurts21:26.39
RACE 3LNCommunity Mixed Qualifying Heat 1PLCTIME
9:24 AM1Sea Merchants21:29.27
2Bent Paddlers11:26.34
3Average Janes and Joes31:34.38
RACE 4LNCommunity Mixed Qualifying Heat 1PLCTIME
9:36 AM1Electrode Paddlers31:24.97
2BJ's Sportshop Water Warriors11:22.18
3Awaken our Dragon21:23.80
4Rogers Jolly Crew41:25.82
RACE 5LNCommunity Mixed Qualifying Heat 1PLCTIME
9:48 AM1BJ's Sportshop Walleyes on the Prize31:18.53
2Serpent Slayers 11:17.96
3Rock Your Gypsy Soul21:18.46
RACE 6LNClub Mixed Qualifying Heat 1PLCTIME
10:00 AM1MBs Flying Ears11:14.81
RACE 7LNClub Mixed Qualifying Heat 1PLCTIME
10:12 AM1Blue Water Paddling31:21.45
2Paddlin for MB11:10.95
3Motley Crew21:18.58
RACE 8LNWomen's Qualifying Heat 1PLCTIME
10:24 AM1Chicago Sirens21:28.19
2Island City Dragon Boat Club11:19.83
RACE 9LNWomen's Qualifying Heat 1PLCTIME
10:36 AM1MBs Angels11:18.71
2Mississippi Sisters and Friends31:39.93
3Off The Edge21:21.82
RACE 10LNCommunity Mixed Qualifying Heat 2PLCTIME
10:48 AM1WXPR Radio Freaks21:29.64
2Average Janes and Joes31:31.98
3Sea Merchants11:28.10
RACE 11LNCommunity Mixed Qualifying Heat 2PLCTIME
11:00 AM1Bent Paddlers11:23.65
2Fiery Fresh41:31.61
3Spirit of the Dragon31:25.22
4Electrode Paddlers21:24.72
RACE 12LNCommunity Mixed Qualifying Heat 2PLCTIME
11:12 AM1Frankenstein's Monster21:31.17
2Marquette University41:35.56
3Iron Dragons31:35.51
4BJ's Sportshop Water Warriors11:19.90
RACE 13LNCommunity Mixed Qualifying Heat 2PLCTIME
11:24 AM1Rock Your Gypsy Soul21:19.05
2Paddle 'til it Hurts31:27.75
3BJ's Sportshop Walleyes on the Prize11:18.56
RACE 14LNCommunity Mixed Qualifying Heat 2PLCTIME
11:36 AM1Rogers Jolly Crew31:24.72
2Serpent Slayers 11:18.51
3Awaken our Dragon21:24.70
RACE 15LNClub Mixed Qualifying Heat 2PLCTIME
11:48 AM1Motley Crew21:16.96
3Blue Water Paddling31:18.91
RACE 16LNClub Mixed Qualifying Heat 2PLCTIME
12:00 PM1Paddlin for MB11:10.90
2MBs Flying Ears21:13.27
RACE 17LNWomen's Qualifying Heat 2PLCTIME
12:12 PM1Off The Edge11:20.80
2Chicago Sirens21:25.64
RACE 18LNWomen's Qualifying Heat 2PLCTIME
12:24 PM1Island City Dragon Boat Club21:18.04
2Mississippi Sisters and Friends31:32.86
3MBs Angels11:17.76
RACE 19LNShow Case - Grocery TeamsPLCTIME
12:36 PM1Fiery Fresh21:30.21
2Sea Merchants11:28.64
RACE 20LNClub Mixed Consolation FinalPLCTIME
12:30 PM1Blue Water Paddling21:20.51
2Motley Crew11:17.73
RACE 21LNClub Mixed Championship FinalPLCTIME
12:42 PM1Arashi31:13.91
2MBs Flying Ears21:13.66
3Paddlin for MB11:10.02
RACE 22LNWomen's Consolation FinalPLCTIME
12:54 PM1Mississippi Sisters and Friends21:38.38
2Chicago Sirens11:25.20
RACE 23LNWomen's Championship FinalPLCTIME
1:06 PM1Off The Edge31:20.01
2Island City Dragon Boat Club21:17.06
3MBs Angels11:16.44
RACE 24LNCommunity Mixed Consolation Final 1PLCTIME
1:18 PM1WXPR Radio Freaks31:28.82
2Sea Merchants41:29.69
3Paddle 'til it Hurts21:24.03
4Rogers Jolly Crew11:23.23
RACE 25LNCommunity Mixed Consolation Final 2PLCTIME
1:30 PM1Spirit of the Dragon11:21.80
2Bent Paddlers41:22.60
3Electrode Paddlers21:22.05
4Awaken our Dragon31:22.10
RACE 26LNCommunity Mixed Championship FinalPLCTIME
1:42 PM1BJ's Sportshop Water Warriors41:19.06
2Rock Your Gypsy Soul11:17.28
3BJ's Sportshop Walleyes on the Prize21:18.16
4Serpent Slayers 31:18.26
RACE 27LN2000m Club Championship FinalPLCTIME
2:15 PM1Off The Edge
2Motley Crew
3Island City Dragon Boat Club
5MBs Flying Ears
6Paddlin for MB

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