2016 Race Results

Community Mixed Division

Community Mixed 1st Place Champions - Rock Your Gypsy Soul
Community Mixed 2nd Place - Serpent Slayers
Community Mixed 3rd Place - Khalseesi

Community Women's Division

Community Women's 1st Place Champions - Lady Yakkersll


Club Women's Division

Club Women's 1st Place Champions - Off The Edge
Club Women's 2nd Place - Team Survivor Madison


Club Mixed Division 

Club Mixed Division Champions - Paddlin for MB
Club Mixed Division 2nd Place - Arashi
Club Mixed Division 3rd Place - Motley Blue



Business Division Champions –RRG Red Dragons
Family & Friends Division Champions – Wisconsin Power Paddlers
Health Care Division Champions – Electrode Paddlers
Lake Association Division Champions – Trout Lake Property Owners Association
School/Non-Profit Division Champions – Nord 2 the Bone


Special Awards

Fundraising Champions – Lady Yakkers $10,920
Most Festive Drummer – Lady Yakkers
Most Spirited Team Tent – Lady Yakkers


2016 Team Ranking

2016 Final Results

2016 Heat Results

Placing and Times will be updated throughout the day of the race
RACE 1LNRound 1 Qualifying Heat - CommunityPLCTIME
8:30 AM1Blazing Paddles21:22:52
2Rock Your Gypsy Soul31:24:70
3Wisconsin Power Paddlers11:19:78
RACE 2LNRound 1 Qualifying Heat - CommunityPLCTIME
8:48 AM1Iron Dragons I21:36:75
2Iron Dragons II31:42:49
3Serpent Slayers11:22:94
RACE 3LNRound 1 Qualifying Heat - CommunityPLCTIME
9:00 AM1Khalseesi11:25:52
2Hot Sake21:34:61
3River Valley31:40:62
RACE 4LNRound 1 Qualifying Heat - CommunityPLCTIME
9:12 AM1BJ's Sport Shop11:27:19
2RRG Red Dragons21:28:44
3Minocqua Country Club31:34:26
RACE 5LNRound 1 Qualifying Heat - CommunityPLCTIME
9:24 AM1Electrode Paddlers11:28:41
2Just for the Health of It21:36:86
RACE 6LNRound 1 Qualifying Heat - CommunityPLCTIME
9:36 AM1MKLPA Team Kawaga11:35:20
2MKLPA Team Minocqua21:37:57
3Tomahawk Lake Water Bugs31:39:57
RACE 7LNRound 1 Qualifying Heat - CommunityPLCTIME
9:48 AM1Trout Lake Property Owners Association21:31:64
2Team Rowtary31:40:77
3Roger's Jolly Crew11:30:84
RACE 8LNRound 1 Qualifying Heat - CommunityPLCTIME
10:00 AM1Musky Mountain Climbers31:36:98
2Nord 2 the Bone11:26:10
3T-Bird Pride Paddlers21:33:71
RACE 9LNRound 1 Qualifying Heat - WomenPLCTIME
10:12 AM1TEAMSurvivor Madison11:42:40
2Women On Water31:54:90
3Lady Yakkersll21:52:61
RACE 10LNRound 1 Qualifying Heat - Club DivisionPLCTIME
10:24 AM1Motley Blue21:!9:16
3Flying Ears31:21:10
RACE 11LNRound 1 Qualifying Heat - Club DivisionPLCTIME
10:36 AM1Island City Dragon Boat Club21:23:45
2Paddlin for MB11:!5:03
3Off The Edge31:29:42
RACE 12LNRound 2 Qualifying Heat - CommunityPLCTIME
11:12 AM1Serpent Slayers11:25:62
2Hot Sake31:31:09
3Blazing Paddles21:29:12
RACE 13LNRound 2 Qualifying Heat - CommunityPLCTIME
11:24 AM1River Valley21:38:13
2Rock Your Gypsy Soul11:28:89
3Iron Dragons I31:38:97
RACE 14LNRound 2 Qualifying Heat - CommunityPLCTIME
11:36 AM1Wisconsin Power Paddlers21:22:47
2Iron Dragons II31:44:00
RACE 15LNRound 2 Qualifying Heat - CommunityPLCTIME
11:48 AM1Waswagoning31:48:02
2MKLPA Team Minocqua21:42:77
3BJ's Sport Shop11:32:64
RACE 16LNRound 2 Qualifying Heat - CommunityPLCTIME
12:00 PM1Tomahawk Lake Water BugsScratch
2RRG Red Dragons21:30:39
3Electrode Paddlers11:25:39
RACE 17LNRound 2 Qualifying Heat - CommunityPLCTIME
12:12 PM1Minocqua Country Club21:31:59
2Just for the Health of It31:36:53
3MKLPA Team Kawaga11:28:64
RACE 18LNRound 2 Qualifying Heat - CommunityPLCTIME
12:24 PM1T-Bird Pride Paddlers21:31:61
2Women On Water31:53:08
3Trout Lake Property Owners Association11:29:04
RACE 19LNRound 2 Qualifying Heat - CommunityPLCTIME
12:36 PM1Lady Yakkersll31:43:05
2Team Rowtary21:37:68
3Musky Mountain Climbers11:31:68
RACE 20LNRound 2 Qualifying Heat - WomenPLCTIME
12:48 PM1Roger's Jolly Crew21:29:64
2Nord 2 the Bone11:23:52
3TEAMSurvivor Madison31:40:17
RACE 21LNRound 2 Qualifying Heat - Club DivisionPLCTIME
1:00 PM1Flying Ears31:22:30
2Paddlin for MB11:14:41
3Motley Blue21:18:18
RACE 22LNRound 2 Qualifying Heat - Club DivisionPLCTIME
1:12 PM1Off The Edge31:28:74
3Island City Dragon Boat Club21:24:47
RACE 23LNCommunity Mixed Final 1PLCTIME
1:36 PM1Trout Lake Property Owners Association21:25:70
2Roger's Jolly Crew31:26:84
3MKLPA Team Kawaga11:22:82
RACE 24LNCommunity Mixed Final 2PLCTIME
1:48 PM1RRG Red Dragons31:21:85
2Electrode Paddlers21:21:50
3BJ's Sport Shop11:20:30
RACE 25LNCommunity Mixed Final 3PLCTIME
2:00 PM1Blazing Paddles31:21:80
2Nord 2 the Bone21:19:88
3Rock Your Gypsy Soul11:18:65
RACE 26LNCommunity Mixed Final 4PLCTIME
2:12 PM1Khalseesi21:19:53
2Wisconsin Power Paddlers31:20:01
3Serpent Slayers11:18:90
RACE 27LNCommunity Women's FinalPLCTIME
2:24 PM1Stratch
RACE 28LNClub Women's FinalPLCTIME
2:36 PM1Off The Edge11:27:20
2TEAMSurvivor Madison21:36:85
3Lady Yakkersll31:45:72
RACE 29LNClub Mixed Division Final #1PLCTIME
2:48 PM1Island City Dragon Boat Club21:20:81
2Flying Ears11:20:05
RACE 30LNClub Mixed Division Final #2PLCTIME
3:00 PM1Motley Blue31:15:93
2Paddlin for MB11:11:16
RACE 31SOStarting Order 2000m Race PLCTIME
3:45 PMCanceled

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